Signing Up On Bajan Art is created with the sole purpose of telling the world about Barbadian Art. All disciplines and genres, professional and amateur along with events and activities. We take what Barbadian Artists want to show the world and present it in way that is appealing to the widest audiences possible. In the initial stages our focus will be on the visual arts after which we will move to literary arts and finally performing arts. This will allow us to be able to focus on presenting content on a discipline e.g. visual arts in the most effective way using our resources. We don’t claim to have the magic formula but the Bajan Art Team will work tirelessly with all stakeholders at getting it right.

3 Reasons To Sign Up

1) It’s a Free Promotion

Signing up is completely free and we intend to keep it that way. Therefore, you and your work are promoted at no cost, just the effort to send us the information. Every Artist that registers with us will get a profile page and a portfolio section of up to 50 artworks. We then actively promote you and your work on our website, social media channels, email newsletter and other online channels such as Flipboard which gives you access to audiences looking for and interested in art.
Profile Page
Your profile page will be customizable based on the information you want to share. It will also include a contact form that interested persons can contact you (you would receive an email with the person’s information) and can include links to your social media and website. We start with a profile page template and make additions or modifications based on the information provided.
Portfolio Section
Your portfolio section allows you to showcase your work not only via pictures but you can include descriptions and any other information on the piece you want to share. Visitors on the website or coming from a link on social media will be able to see a gallery of images from which they can explore your work.

2) Helps To Build Your Brand As An Artist

We provide a central repository for all information about you as a Barbadian Artist not only your profile and portfolio, we will feature articles about you e.g. exhibitions, awards, commissions etc. that people can easily find. One of the disadvantages of social media is that it is difficult to control. We allow you to tell you story how you want to.
In addition, we will be targeting non-traditional audiences who may have a strong interest in kind of art you produce but don’t know how to find you. When combined with your own website, other websites and your social media presence you would be able to build a stronger brand with a reach that extends into the region, our diaspora and the world. This is especially beneficial for less established Artists.

3) Keep Up to Date

Not only will we gather and promote content for Artists we will gather and distribute information to Artists. We will actively collect and update information for Artists e.g. NIFCA Registration and other relevant information such as requests for commissions. We will be actively promoting Artists and their services to stakeholders who would want to utilize their services such as interior decorators and architects. Registered Artists would receive the information via their email and be able to download forms etc.

How To Sign Up?

It’s easy! Just fill out the form below and we will contact you with further instructions on how to send us information. We will also work with you to help you build the profile page and portfolio you need. You can update your profile and portfolio at any time. Visit our FAQs page for more details and answers to frequently asked questions.