Kraig Yearwood

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Kraig Yearwood is a Barbadian artist and designer. Yearwood studied graphic design at the Barbados Community College (BCC), but works predominately in the medium of painting. To date, Yearwood has had five solo shows and has participated in group exhibitions locally and internationally, receiving national awards for his work.
“My artistic production is driven by my eclectic interests; themes include the exploration of self and personal relationships as well as social and cultural issues.
“I enjoy the feeling of solving design and special issues on the fly as well as the surprises as a result of this process. I mainly work in acrylic, but my love of materials and found objects also lends itself to mixed media production.”

Yearwood says that his approach is partially intuitive while also influenced by minimalist sensibilities. His compositions certainly feature a sense of structure and order that we often associate with graphic design, yet these elements are often broken or interrupted by marks that suggest another layer of idiosyncratic reasoning. Yearwood states that although there is usually a root concept or story being portrayed, there is also an open-ended quality to the work that invites other perspectives.

During my recent month long residency at Fresh Milk, I’ve been exploring themes of consumption, materialism, what we leave behind and the possible future landscapes that may become our legacy. These works have much in common with past works with regards to process and in their experimental and intuitive approach, but differs mainly in the types of materials utilized. Usually in my daily practice, found objects are collected and curated largely because of their aesthetic or symbolic appeal. In this case most objects used were collected from roadsides, the trash bins at the residency studio fields, etc. and mostly had little aesthetic value to me. These collected elements were then embedded or incased in concrete, resin or both.