Crop Over Visual Arts Festival 2017 Prize Winners

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This year’s Central Bank Crop Over Visual Arts Festival 2017 has again showcased the hard work and talents of a wide cross section of Barbadian Artists. We would like to congratulate all of the prize winners and wish them continued success!

The Central Bank Governor’s Award

Best In Show – Exhibition of Three-dimensional Work & Sculpture

Cecil Web – “Rhythm and Wood”

Title: Rhythm and Wood
Artist: Cecil Webb
Medium: Wood

Best Depiction of Theme Award for theme entitled: “In Search of a Barbadian Aesthetic”

Patrick Louis – Harrison’s Beauty

Title: Harrison’s Beauty
Artist: Patrick Louis
Medium: Wood

Exhibition of Textiles, Bags, Jewellery, Baskets & Gourds

Best In Show

Disree Mascoll – “Brass Textured Necklace”

Title: Brass Textured Necklace
Artist: Disree Mascoll
Medium: Brass

Incentive Awards

  • Sylvester Clarke – “We Need a Saviour”

    Title: We Need A Saviour
    Artist: Slyvester Clarke
    Type: Weaving
    Medium: Mixed Medium
  • Douglas Blackburn – “Humming Bird Sailors Valentine”

    Artist: Humming Bird Sailors Valentine
    Artist: Douglas Blackburn
    Medium: Mixed Medium

Exhibition of Painting, Photography and Two-Dimensional Work

Best In Show

Alison Chapman-Andrews – “Marcos in a Tam”

Marcos in a Tam
Artist: Alison Chapman-Andrews
Medium: Print Making

Pamela Lewis – “Festival Stage”

Title: Festival Stage
Artist: Pamela Lewis
Medium: Print Making

Incentive Awards

  • Susan Alleyne-Forde – “Meno Changing # 2”

    Title: Meno Changing #2
    Artist: Susan Alleyne-Forde
    Type: Painting
    Medium: Acrylic & Medium
  • Kathy Alkins – “Artisan”

    Title: Artisan
    Artist: Kathy Alkins
    Type: Painting
    Medium: Acrylic
  • Alison Bhone – “Odyssee”

    Title: Odyssee
    Artist: Alison Bhone
    Type: Drawing
    Medium: Pen & Ink

Exhibition of Three-dimensional Work & Sculpture

Best In Show

Hamal Rook – “Stand Pipe Life”

Title: Stand Pipe Life
Artist: Hamal Rook
Medium: Wood

Our Apologies no Photo is available. We will update as soon as we can.

Title: Wonder
Artist: Patrick Louis

Incentive Awards

  • Martina Pile – “Granville”

    Title: Granville
    Artist: Martina Pile
    Type: Sculpture
    Medium: Engraved Calabash
  • Hamilton Griffith – “Untitled”

    Title: Untitled
    Artist: Hamilton Griffith
    Type: Sculpture
    Medium: Wood
  • Jason Hope – “Love God, Him High, Keep Pure”

    Title: Love God, Aim High, Keep Pure
    Artist: Jason Hope
    Type: Sculpture
    Medium: Cement