Tell The World About Barbadian Art (BA) is a website dedicated to the promotion of Barbadian Artists and Art creating opportunities for Barbadian Artists by telling the world about our art. In addition we hope our efforts will play a significant role in helping to spur the growth and development of Barbados’ art market. We hope that by providing Barbadian artists with another outlet to showcase their work they would be further inspired to push the boundaries and standards of the art currently produced.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, gather as much information as possible on Barbadian art and utilize this website and other online channels to publish then promote this information to the world. We will be as objective as possible in our publishing and promotional methods in order to become a trusted source for information about Barbadian Art.

BA’s main concern is to tell the world about and not deliberately shape or in any way influence Barbadian Art. We do recognize that we will inadvertently have some influence but we aim to mitigate that by working with all stakeholders to ensure accurate and reliable information is always published in the appropriate way. We have developed some guiding principles to keep us on track:

  1. We believe that using multidisciplinary strategic input to guide the promotion and publication of information will be critical to the success of the website. We see value in considering and utilizing strategies, methodologies and viewpoints from artistic, marketing, technological, financial and managerial expertise.
  2. We are committed to publishing all art and Artists equally allowing the market to make judgement. That being said we will still be guided by a minimum standard that would change from time to time as it will be influenced by majority of stakeholders from artists to the general public.
  3.  In keeping with the previous principle we will work with all stakeholders involved in Barbadian art. We will try our upmost to foster constructive relationships creating opportunities for all to share.

Keeping true to these principles will prove to be a daunting task and we have much to live up to but in our minds this less challenging than the task Barbadian Artists face.

What To Expect

Initially as we develop the site, gathering content and testing various ways of effectively publishing content, there will be gaps in the disciplines of art and the Artists profiled. Please be patient and follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates as we publish new and exciting news and information. We welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you on how we can make things better.

Call To Barbadian Artists

We extend an open invitation to all Barbadian Art stakeholders; Artists, Curators, Galleries, Art Critics, Organizations etc. Going forward we will be continuously reaching out to you to give you an opportunity to share. However is you have any questions or would like to get started contact us at to learn more about our plan and to get started.