3 Reasons to buy Bajan Art this Christmas

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All Kinds Of Art In Norman Centre

Artist Alliance Barbados’ (AAB) ‘All Kinds Of Art’ Pop Up Exhibition featuring  painting sculpture, photography, jewellery, crafts and art inspired merchandise in on for the Christmas season right into January. The wide variety of art on sale is locally and lovingly created by Barbadian Artists and conveniently exhibited in a spacious Pop Up gallery in Norman Centre Bridgetown. A perfect location for you to visit while Christmas shopping. We thought we would share with you three reasons why you should visit and buy some art.

1. All Kinds Of Art

The first reason you should visit the pop gallery to find that gift, or perfect centre piece or accent for your home is variety… They have something for all tastes and functional needs. Need and painting for a new home or remodelled room? Looking for a new sculpture for your corporate office or even your home office? Want to find a thoughtful one of a kind gift for that special friend?  Done. Done. And Done.

Some of the Art, Craft & Merchandise on sale:

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Prints
  • Throw Cushions  
  • Sculpture
  • Woodcraft 
  • Textiles
  • Handmade bags

Some of the Artists on Display

Doreen Edwards, Heidi Berger, Hebron Chism, Fred Odle, Heather Dawn Scott, Tracy Greenidge, Wayne Hinds, Natalie Atkine Hinds, Allison Callender, Sylvester Clarke, Robert Bruce Evelyn, Cy Hutchinson, Margaret Herbert, Lois Crawford, Kenneth Blackman, Ashanti Trotman, Jason Hope, Juliana Inniss, Gail Riley, Sian Pampellonne, Cherise Harris, Ann Marie Nicholls, Julia Seymour, Stella Hackett, Hugh Walker, Oneka Small, Jenny Gonzalves, Corrie Scott, Kraig Yearwood, Reggie Medford, Maria Stanford

Not only is there a large variety of art of show, but the art is from a large number of well known artists. This is a great opportunity to acquire the work of established local artists at in many cases very attractive prices.

2. The Best Advice & Service

We can say with confidence that choosing the right piece for your needs will be an satisfying experience. Not only will you enjoy viewing the works on display but you can get professional advice from a curator about your selection. They can help you find the perfect piece whether its a person, room or office. Essentially you are in a Decor or Gift Shop where all the items are high quality art will increase in value as they age with all the expert help you need.  

It gets better. Sometimes buying art such as sculpture or large paintings can be a bother as they may be heavy and bulky. When you purchase art you can have it delivered and installed anywhere in Barbados. In fact if you can’t make it to town but you see something you like in the online listing (see above and below) they will bring it to you. AAB can also package artwork and ship to any country if needed.  

3. “Yes the Prices Are Right”

The third and final reason you should visit ‘All Kinds Of Art’ Pop Up Exhibition in Norman Centre are the prices. You can purchase items from $8 and up. In addition, there are many deals to be discovered as you explore. For example you can save by buying throw cushion case without the pillow, and as mentioned before many pieces have sale prices or discounts can be negotiated for those must have pieces. Just visit and see for yourself. 

If you have questions feel free to call 822 3694. The exhibition is open during normal mall hours.